Our corporate responsibility
Since 2001, we have undertaken to comply with principles of corporate social responsibility in all our operations. We are currently preparing for certification for the CSR Performance Ladder.

Our commitment to CSR: 
  • Our laundry facility at Schiphol is entirely steamless.
  • Projects are based on the Lean philosophy, by which we remove waste and achieve savings in gas, water and electricity usage. 
  • We provide a range of linen that is put together with care and bears leading quality marks such as GOTS, Oeko Tex and Max Havelaar Fairtrade. These products are promoted by GreenKey.
  • We signed up to the Long-Term Agreement 3 (Meer Jaren Afspraak  3 / MJA3) of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, in collaboration with the FTN trade association and Novem. This resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1169 tons in the 2009 monitoring year.
  • Lamme Textielbeheer is a partner of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands).
  • We operate vehicles and transportation equipment meeting the latest Euro standards.              
  • Efficient use of gas, water and electricity. We use a ‘regain’ facility, for example, to clean and re-use waste water.
  • Our laundry operates at a low temperature, thereby increasing the life cycle of textile products by 100 wash cycles!
  • Partnership with the AM Group, a sheltered workforce organisation, at our Schiphol-Noord location, offering work to people with limited access to the job market.
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