Health care, hostels and public sector
Lamme Textielbeheer offers large organisations with sizeable guest and visitor numbers a total solution for their textile needs. You can rent or buy from us, depending on your needs and budget. We rent out linen packages in a variety of designs and price ranges, and can also help you to develop your own line of textiles.  We additionally deliver the linen according to your individual specifications.
A Spotless service for our customers
Lamme Textielbeheer is based in the Netherlands. Thanks to our central location in Nederhorst den Berg, we are able to provide a Spotless service to organisations in your sector almost anywhere in the country. This Spotless service consists of:
  • An immaculate and up-to-date textile package
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Sustainable (cost) solutions
  • Personal attention
  • Clear communication
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