Our Napking label enables restaurant owners and managers to create beautiful table experiences with exquisite linen while managing costs. Napking rents a high-quality and affordable range of table linen, chefswear and workwear products and kitchen towels and cloths. You can put together your own package, which you then rent on a subscription basis. You can adjust the quantities to meet varying demands during high and low season, and size changes for your personnel are easily handled.
Spotless service
The linen you hire from us is collected by our driver at the agreed times and days. In our laundry all the articles are processed, according to HACCP standards, and packaged before being returned to you.
In addition to reliable delivery and an immaculate and up-to-date textile package, our Spotless service consists of:
  • Sustainable (cost) solutions
  • Personal attention
  • Clear communication
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