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Total solutions for your establishment
Lamme Textielbeheer offers you a total solution for your textile needs. You can rent or buy from us. We collect your laundry, clean and package it neatly. Our driver will return all the articles to you in trolleys at the agreed date and time. We are also committed to working together with you to optimise your linen process, thereby helping you to achieve savings. Beside cost savings, these may also be savings that benefit the environment or the sustainability of your business.
We guarantee you a Spotless service
Lamme Textielbeheer is based in the Netherlands. Thanks to our central location in Nederhorst den Berg, close to Amsterdam, we are able to provide a Spotless service to organisations in your sector almost anywhere in the country. This Spotless service consists of:
  • An immaculate and up-to-date textile package
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Sustainable (cost) solutions
  • Personal attention
  • Clear communication
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